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Our Atlassian Apps

We enhance Jira and Jira Service Management to run like a breeze, giving you user-friendly interfaces and powerful features. We're on a mission to simplify and supercharge your Atlassian experience 🚀

🤖 GPT Insights

Integrate your Jira tickets with OpenAI for an improved user experience and decision-making

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📢 Portal Messages

Engage with your customers and employees by elevating the Jira Service Management portal

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⏱️ Customer Portal SLAs

Share Customizable and rich SLAs in the Customer Portal in a variety of styles and configurations.

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🔝 Priority Scheduler

Schedule when your issues should shift priority based on predetermined dates

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⚡ Quick User Replies

Allow Jira Service Management users to quickly comment on tickets with a click of a button!

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Transition by Date

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🤖 GPT Insights for Jira

Connect you Jira tickets to OpenAI to enhance your experience and make decisions faster 💪

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No Time to Waste

Use the power of AI to enhance your Jira experience by wasting less time reading through overly large ticket details and comment conversations

Data Protection as Standard

Don't be worried about data security. All ticket data is kept for 30 days to monitor misuse - then it's destroyed

More than just summation

This is so much more than a TL;DR app. It is a highly configurable solution to help you gain important insights, identify next steps and much more

⏱️ Customer Portal SLAs for JSM

Share Customizable SLAs with Customers and Take Control: Your Gateway to Seamless SLA Management and Customer Engagement.

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Share SLAs to customers

Share SLAs in the Customer Portal to boost transparency with customers and portal users. Cherry-pick which SLAs are displayed and even give them unique names for clarity.

Customize SLA Displays

Display SLAs with progress bars, countdowns, and emphasize key details like start and end times. Customize colors for different states like "achieved," "in progress," and more.

Take Control

Define precisely which portals and user groups have access to portal SLAs. Your data remains secure, ensuring it's only accessible and visible to authorized users.

💬 Quick User Replies for JSM

Quick user replies on your portal are one click away

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Single Click Engagement

Enhance user engagement effortlessly by instantly accessing quick reply messages such as assistance, following up on existing tickets - and more - all at the user’s fingertips.

Save Custom Replies

Enable your portal users to create their own personalised messages and conveniently save them for future use, tailoring their experience to their preferences.

Full Access Control

Effortlessly streamline user access and permissions on the settings page by utilising Jira Groups and JSM Portals for access management.

📢 Portal Messages for JSM

Enhance your portal experience with Portal Messages for JSM: Engage, Inform, Delight!  🤗

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Engage and Connect

Effortlessly share insights, announcements and trivia to your customers and/or employees

Tailor Messages

Discover the potential of the admin console, empowering you to effortlessly add an array of custom messages with no limitations.

Spread some Joy

Add a bit of fun and knowledge to you portal with an array cringy jokes and fun facts

🔝 Priority Scheduler for JSM

🔝 Priority Scheduler is a powerful tool that allows issue priorities to be changed automatically based on selected dates, enhancing efficiency and helping teams stay organized in dynamic project environments.

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Schedule issue priority

Manually changing task priority is something everyone forgets to do, so why not make it automatic! Save valuable time by eliminating manual priority adjustments, allowing your team to concentrate on critical tasks.

The right priority

Say goodbye to the stress of overlooked tasks. Ensure that issues are brought to your attention at the right time by increasing priorities as deadlines approach, including automatic comments that log priority changes.

Priority timeline

In Chili Shelf style, we’ve created a simple and intuitive UI to view and edit the timeline of a task’s priorities at once. Add more priorities, easily change dates and get peace of mind with the task priority timeline.

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